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I Tre Re

hotel in the heart of Valmarecchia and Rimini’s hinterland

hotel in the heart of Valmarecchia
and Rimini’s hinterland

“Sunny Romagna, sweet country in which the Guidi and the Malateste once ruled…”

So said Giovanni Pascoli, famous Italian poet born among Romagna hills, story teller of a flourishing land, home to prosperity, tradition, art and culture.

During your stay at I Tre Re – prestigious and cosy hotel in Rimini’s hinterland, on the doorstep of Valmarecchia’s hills and medieval villages – we suggest you to visit the wonders this enchanting land has to offer:

  • Sant’Arcangelo di Romagna, a dreamy village just a few minutes away from Rimini, on the via Emilia. Don’t miss the old town, the tufa caves, the “Tonino Guerra” museum and the “Bottega dell’artigiano di Betti Maurizio” shop (www.labottegadibetti.it);
  • the medieval village of San Leo, in the heart of ancient Montefeltro, is charming little town of medieval origins that still keeps its original splendour intact also thanks to its wonderfully preserved castle;
  • the Montebello Castle, ancient town where it is still alive the legend of Azzurrina, the prematurely departed daughter of the manor lord, whose childlike ghost is said to be still haunting the mighty fortress;
  • and its Mariani Theatre;
  • Montetiffi and Reali’s traditional baking trays handicraft factory;
  • Sogliano e Talamello, unquestioned Italian capitals of the famous Fossa cheese;
  • Pennabilli, with its medieval village and narrow alleys;
  • Casteldelci, famous for its traditional wood fired oven baked bread;
  • the fairy tale village of Petrella Guidi;
  • Longiano, the old town and Petrella Theatre;
  • Cesena Fortress and Malatestian Library;
  • Rimini Cathedral and Surgeon’s Domus;
  • San Patrignano Organisation;
  • Sapignoli Mill in Poggio Berni.

In the immediate neighbourhood of the hotel, which is located in Montefeltro region, you can’t forget to visit Gradara Castle, an unbelievably beautiful fortress, romantic set to the unlucky love story between Paolo and Francesca.

From the relais you can also very easily reach the Republic of San Marino and its charming rocky old town.

The following pictures belong to the city councils and local municipal corporations that kindly agreed to let us use them. Every other kind of reproduction or distribution is forbidden by law.

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